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Fire Extinguisher Service Options…

Your fire extinguishers symbolize safety, but will they function when you need them?

In a fire, portable extinguishers are an important first line of defense. You depend on them to protect precious lives, property and assets. Fire extinguishers that don’t work create a false – and potentially hazardous – sense of security.

With PIATT SAFETY SOLUTIONS, your fire extinguishers are more than a symbol, they’re protection.

PIATT SAFETY SOLUTIONS offers sales and service of fire extinguishers

The result is?                Dependability

PIATT SAFETY SOLUTIONS Portable Extinguisher Program 

We offer Portable Fire Extinguisher Service.

Our trained professionals are fully equipped technicians that provide a 28-point assessment of each fire extinguisher in your facility. We come to you. With the PIATT SAFETY SOLUTIONS portable extinguisher program, you get a peace of mind that your needs are being met.

Extinguisher Maintenance Agreement:

A comprehensive assessment, maintenance and service each of your units. The work we perform  includes: mounting, verification, repair, self-adhesive signage, recharging, internal maintenance. 

All-inclusive Portable Maintenance Agreement covers:

annual maintenance of units.
assurance that portable extinguishers meet federal and local fire codes.
a 28-point assessment to assure proper operation of each unit.
periodic maintenance (complete tear down, when necessary).
recharging of units and service calls.
parts, including valve stems, o-rings, seals, pins, decals, etc.
an extinguisher sign for easy identification.
one price, based on the number of units.

At the time of inspection, PIATT SAFETY SOLUTIONS also give special consideration to:

the nature of the combustibles or flammables that might ignite.
the potential severity (size, intensity and speed of travel) of any resulting fire.
the suitability of the fire extinguisher for the environment.
the effectiveness of a fire extinguisher on the hazard.
facility conditions and frequency of service.​