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Provide Onsite Safety Services

Todays companies are concerned about safety. However, it can sometimes be challenging to dedicate a full-time worker to manage safety management systems or oversee safety on a jobsite. We provide an affordable alternative. Our professional safety advisers are available on a contract basis. You have a variety of service options available including advisers on retainer for safety consultation and officers who can oversee and/or take a lead role in managing your safety program.

Conduct Regular Safety Audits to Keep Programs on Track

An audit examines your company’s safety management system to determine their effectiveness. Piatt Safety Solutions professionals provide expert auditing services for internal and external auditing of safety programs.

Experienced Quality Personnel

Our personnel are highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced safety professionals. Their experience includes, oil & gas, construction, mining, fire, pipefitting, mill righting, retail, policing and safety.

Quality and Accountability

Piatt Safety Solutions knows that quality matters. We pursue a program of continuous improvement through attention to the quality of our process and our product.

professional services

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Contractor Pre-Qualification

PIATT SAFETY SOLUTIONS have a proven track record in assisting clients to meet/exceed contractor pre-qualification requirements.

It is common practice for hiring clients to set up pre-qualification requirements. This is done to protect their interests and ensure the firms they hire meet a required standard. If the standards are not met organizations lose the opportunity to work with the hiring client.

PIATT SAFETY SOLUTIONS can work with you to implement safety management systems that will ensure your success in the contractor pre-qualification process. We can also provide population of the data into the specific third-party platform to ensure continued compliance including but not limited to ISNetworld, ComplyWorks and Avetta.

Piatt Safety Solutions provide professional and Confidential Consulting Services with everyday safety solutions.

PIATT SAFETY SOLUTIONS was created to help clients meet today’s ever changing and challenging work environments. PIATT SAFETY SOLUTIONS can review your existing program or create one based on your company’s operations.  Written programs are now even more important as owners and general contractors are requesting these in advance prior to the tendering process.

PIATT SAFETY SOLUTIONS write customized safety programs. Each program has professionally developed policies and procedures with supporting documents. All programs are legislatively compliant. This package, together with a commitment to safety, allows you to implement and manage a quality safety program. A company with an effective Health and Safety Management System can lower its costs associated with injury and lost time, improve overall morale, and increase profits.

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